#2: Milestones and test case improvements

#2: Milestones and test case improvements

Hello! This is a second dev blog post and we have some news!

This week was a week of small changes, fixes, and improvements. Based on some feedback from alpha users, I’ve changed some UI elements in the app: swapped buttons, removed some headings and etc. Thanks for replies!

One big thing added this week is milestones — an entity, that represents, in which version of your software specific test case or suit was added. That can be helpful when you want to run a test for a new version of your application.


Another big thing, that was in development this week is filter system. For now, it is not ready to be merged into production branch. It is going to be released in a few days.

Filters can be helpful when your project contains a lot of suits and test cases and you need to find specific entities by one or several params. In the first version, there are 3 of them:

  • Milestones
  • Priority
  • Severity

When new params appear, such as tags (labels) or links, they will be added to filter section.


Every day, qase.io is being visited by tens of people. That’s why, I’ve decided to refresh homepage, in order to make clear for new visitors, what product is being developed. I think, that main page looks pretty cool now :)

The next steps

Next week, I’m going to start working with test plans and make small additions and improvements to existing features.

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