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Qase is a modern test management platform for manual + automated QA testing, tracking, and reporting that helps deliver higher quality software, faster.


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Engineered for speed, designed for ease-of-use.

Built by testers, Qase delivers enterprise-level performance with an award-winning UI, to elevate all aspects of TestOps.

test run

Run tests up to 60x faster

Blazing-fast tests are completed up to 60x faster than other tools—with real-time results.

AI test conversion

Supercharge your testing with AI

Use AI to convert manual tests to automated with support for 10 languages and frameworks.

Stay in the flow with seamless integrations.

qa testing dashboards

Combine all your testing activities under a single workspace.
There's no need to leave Qase.

One workspace for
manual + automated testing

qa manual tests

Manual software testing

Qase has a rich set of features for manual testers to replace outdated test management solutions.

  • Test suites, cases, and runs
  • Shared steps
  • Mindmap
  • Test setup wizard
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Enhance data analysis with customizable dashboards

Make data-informed decisions with shareable, easy-to-understand reports that cover every phase of the testing cycle.

  • Customizable drag-and-drop widgets
  • RBAC sharable report links
  • Data for every test step
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qase automated tests

Enterprise-ready for informed + compliant testing

Near zero downtime

With Qase's 99.9% uptime, you never need to worry about your work being disrupted for scheduled or unexpected downtime.

Compliant & Secure

Qase values and complies with the strictest security and privacy standards and is SOC2 and GDPR compliant and CSA certified.

Role-based access

Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders with flexible role-based permissions—granting everyone the right level of access.

wolt qase case study

Case Study

How Wolt optimized their testing for growth

Wolt has a team of 400+ developers and 15 QA engineers. Find out how the European food delivery giant made testing more efficient and scalable with Qase.

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Qase helped us to consciously approach the regression scope of our app, and as a result test planning became much more accurate.

qase testimonial

Kirill M.

Head of QA

qase testimonial

Qase was easy to set up, and we love that it integrates with Slack and GitLab, [and being able to see] usage by the team in the dashboard widgets and logs. The query language and API are useful.

qase testimonial

Craig A.

Director of QA

qase testimonial

The advantages of Qase are the clear user interface, integrations, and giving reviews on test cases. Testing has become more fun and much faster. We're now doing more tests in 2 days than before in 2 weeks.

qase testimonial

Peter K.

qase testimonial

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