Qase December Updates

We are growing and picking up the pace quickly. Just look at how many releases we've rolled out this month.

Jira Server/DC

New Jira Server/DC plugin is ready for use. Follow this instruction to install it.

Create a new task in Jira when you file a defect during a test run in Qase. Jira issues are also linked to cases automatically when defect is created for the case via test run.


There is two-way statuses sync between Jira issue and Qase defect โ€” whenever you change Jira issue status, the corresponding Qase defect will be updated.


You can attach or detach test cases to a Jira issue.


QQL screen part: Save queries

We have created a way to have additional search and filter capabilities. It's essentially the JQL analog of Jira. The idea is to let users search through most Qase entities. We have added the ability to save QQL filters. Now you can save and use them many times instead of typing them in all over again. A whole lot of times!


Assign a reviewer

Now it is possible to assign a reviewer to check tests submitted for test review. It can be either one or several people.


Single value reworking and precondition for another widgets

The dashboard should be functional. And beautiful. That's why we always strive to make it better for you. We are aesthetes and pedants. Check, how we have modified the dashboard as follows:

  1. Change widget layout:
  • Change location for "Move" icon
  • Add choice of the project on the widget itself (can be multiple projects)
  • Reflect title
  • Ability to change the title on the fly

2. Change widget settings list:

  • Add title field (min/max/empty)
  • Ability to change widget value on the fly in settings, not on top Dash setting
  • Change naming for Period field to benchmark
  • Change select list for time values

Add possibility to change size of widgets

We have added the ability to change the size of widgets on the dashboard. Goodbye, glasses!


Improve bulk method to create test run result

Moving to a bulk method of sending results has improved performance in sending results and added the ability to create test cases when some reporters send the results of a run. Many reporters use the bulk method to send data. A general recommendation for setup: You should also have an active item in the project settings at in the Test Runs block: Allow submitting results in bulk

You can read more in our GitHub repository.

Update examples and documentation for JS reporters

Previously, we had poor-quality examples and readme for JS reporters. They made it hard to understand the features of each tool and not clear how to run it. We put the documentation in order and update it regularly.

Update QASE API doc

Previously, our documentation was self-written and not complete. We switched to and created a public auto-update You'll be up and running in a jiffy.

Make qase-jest reporter support auto creating test cases

Previously, all reporters had to be explicitly prescribed test case IDs to be able to publish the results of the test wound in Qase TMS. We were the first to implement a new mechanism in Jest reporter. Test cases can now be automatically created in Qase TMS when results are sent, if they have not been created before. This has made things much easier for you and more convenient.


PHP reporter based on PHPUnit

This month we created a new reporter based on the PHP. This expanded the range of features for you and increased the credibility of our software. You can read more in his repository. PHPUnit also knows how to create test cases in the repository when sending results if none were found.

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