Qase Q1 2024 Updates

Check out what Qase has released in the first quarter of 2024 and see how these features can help your team.

Here at Qase, we've been busy making improvements to the product to ensure that you, our users, get even more value from our incredible tool. Our unwavering goal is to make our users lives easier and help them to ship quality products faster. This month we've delivered two key features that we know you will love

Jira Requirements Traceability Matrix

Thursday, March 28th

Qase users on Business and Enterprise plans will have access to our new Jira Requirements Traceability feature. Requirements traceability provides QA managers with the ability to validate that all requirements are covered via test cases and that no functionality is untested before releasing. Users will now be able to trace their test case coverage of their projects in Jira and ensure that all functionality has been tested before shipping.

The new Jira Requirements Traceability Matrix allows users to:

  • Track the test case coverage of any Jira issue type from multiple projects
  • Link/unlink test cases directly to your Jira requirements to determine coverage and provide traceability
  • Use versioning to determine how your team are increasing their test coverage
  • Track the scope of the project to see if new requirements are being added that require new test cases
  • Easily see the status of your test cases for every requirement so that you can determine whether to release or not
  • Easily track changes to requirements in Jira so that you can determine if your test cases require updating

You can use start using the Jira Requirements Traceability Matrix if you have either our Jira Server or Jira Cloud integrations installed.

See all of the test cases and defects associated with every Jira issue

Qase Requirements Traceability view, showing Jira issues with linked cases

Use versioning to see how your test coverage is performing over time

Qase Requirements Traceability view, showing versioning
Qase test management tool, "link to Jira server issues" and "link Jira Cloud issues" button highlighted
Linking Jira Cloud issue screen in Qase

Test Run statuses

Tuesday, March 19th

Test Runs in Qase now have updated Test Run statuses. Previously, when determining the status of a Test Run, users were simply notified if a Run had been completed or not. Now, customers will now be able to determine the pass or failed status of a Test Run. The new Test run Status will be:

  • Passed - All tests are completed and there are no failed, blocked, or invalid tests
  • Failed - All tests are completed and at least one has failed, is blocked, or is invalid
  • In Progress - the Test Run is still being executed

The Test Run status is displayed within the test run

Test Run view in Qase showing 100% completion rate, Status: passed

The Test Run status is also displayed on the test run screen

Test Run screen in Qase showing various test Runs and their statuses


Email notifications

Thursday, January 25th

We launched email notifications, allowing you to receive email notifications from [email protected] to inform you when:

  • When a test case, test run, or test review is assigned them
  • When a test run that they are assigned to has started
  • When somebody comments on a test case, test review, or defect that they are assigned to

You can subscribe and unsubscribe to notifications from the notification settings page in your user profile. To ensure that you receive notifications in your inbox, please add [email protected] to your safe list.

In-app notifications

Friday, February 16th

Further to our recent release of Qase email notifications, we are excited to announce that Qase users will now see in-app notifications, immediately alerting them to events that are relevant to them.

Qase notification settings screen

Notifications are a great way to improve team communication and collaboration and to ensure that you don’t miss out on those important updates. You can now choose to receive notifications for events via email, in-app, or both from the notification settings page in your user profile. Simply click on your user profile icon and go to notifications.

Custom Test Case result statuses

Thursday, February 1st

Qase users on paid subscriptions will be able to customize Test Case results. Previously, Test Case results statuses were hardcoded and users could not use their own custom result statuses. Now, Test Case results statuses can be customized by navigating to Workspace -> Fields -> Result status. The default options are the same as the previously hardcoded statuses but you can now add new custom statuses to suit your own testing model. 

Qase Fields view showing a mix of default and custom statuses

Users also have the option to define the action associated with their custom statuses. Users can determine if a status triggers a successful test case or a failed test case. If a status triggers a failed test case, then the defect creation workflow is triggered. 

Edit system field view in Qase

Users who wish to continue using the default test case result statuses do not need to perform any update; statuses will work as normal. 

Custom Test Case result statuses are only available to users on a paid subscription

This feature release further demonstrates our ambition to make Qase as flexible and usable to our customers as possible and ensure that it is tailored to address your QA requirements

Stay tuned for more updates

We're excited to bring you these updates and are sure that they will help make our our users' lives easier, improve the quality of their products, and help them ship faster. We hope you are as excited as us. If you need any more information on these features, or on Qase in general, please contact us at [email protected] 

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