Qase Q2 2024 Updates

Get an overview of everything Qase released in Q2 of 2024 and learn how new and improved features will empower your team.

Great teams are what bring amazing products and apps to life, and effective collaboration is what helps them get there. 

Here at Qase, we strive to make our customers' lives easier and in Q2 we have focused heavily on enabling testing teams to collaborate more effectively, increase productivity, and reach their goals quicker. 

Features such as our Get Started Dashboard, QQL widget and Smart Group Assignment make it easier for teams to work together. New features such as Muted Tests, enhanced widget filtering and bulk delete improvements help boost productivity and make it easier for our customers to focus on the one goal that matters: shipping better quality products faster.

Starting with this product update, any new feature that started as a feature request on Canny will be marked as “✅ Feature request completed.” 

Get Started Dashboard

June 27, 2024

Built with the most-used widgets across different QA teams in the industry, Qase’s Get Started Dashboard automatically includes data from all projects in a workspace, so it’s the best overview of an entire team’s work. 

The Get Started Dashboard is designed to let you dive right into your analytics and customize as you go. You can modify the Get Started Dashboard by:

  • Filtering data as you need
  • Removing or adding widgets
  • Changing the dashboard name 

Check out the Dashboard tab to explore your new Get Started Dashboard and explore key metrics quickly and easily.  

Example Qase Analytics Get Started Dashboard with text "The Get Started Dashboard automatically includes data from all projects in your workspace, making key metrics easily discoverable."

Assign test runs to groups

June 26, 2024

✅ Feature requested completed

Manage your team’s work with new assignment capabilities that allow you to assign test cases to individuals or groups of users.

Users can now assign test cases using two smart assignment strategies:

  1. Even distribution, where the number of test cases are divided, as equally as possible, amongst all group members or;
  2. Load balanced, where test cases are distributed amongst the group based on their complexity (i.e. how long they previously took) so as to evenly balance the amount of work for each group member

These additional assignment options help you balance your team member’s bandwidth and keep an eye on overall progress. Soon, we will be releasing even more smart assignment strategies such as random distribution and round-robin.

Bulk delete Test Runs and Test Plans

June 11, 2024

✅ Feature requested completed

Quickly clean up your workspace with bulk deletion of Test Runs or Test Plans. 

When viewing the Test Plan or Test Run view, select any Plans or Runs you’d like to delete, click the “Update” button, and select “Delete.”

Screenshot of Qase Test Plans view, 3 Test Plans are selected and cursor hovers over "delete"

Additional filters for widgets

May 16, 2024

New filter options add more granularity to your Analytics Dashboards in Qase, making surfacing the exact insights you need even easier than before. 

Qase Analytics Dashboards widgets can now be filtered by parameters such as author, assigned to, priority, severity, type, and status. 

Example Qase Analytics Dashboard with "add filter" circled and pointing to a magnified menu of filters: Author, type, Status, Automation Status, Priority, Severity

QQL widgets

May 6, 2024

Users who are already taking advantage of our advanced query search can now create widgets with their frequently used QQL searches. These widgets will allow QA engineers and managers to pin the most relevant queries to dashboards for quicker and more comprehensive monitoring of your testing activities.

With QQL widget, users can:

  • Select any of their existing queries to display on your preferred dashboards
  • Create a specific view of any query by selecting only the most relevant parameters
  • Easily compare different parameters of the same query by adding several widgets in parallel
  • Pin unlimited queries to their dashboard for more comprehensive monitoring
  • Provide visibility for all team members without worrying about permissions

Muted Tests

Apr 18, 2024

With Muted Tests, Qase users can designate specific test cases as muted. This functionality is especially useful for handling flaky tests or those test cases that are currently less critical. When a test is marked as muted, its results will not affect the overall status of test runs. This means test runs can still pass even if a muted test fails, preventing unnecessary delays in the release process.

CI/CD and Test Reporting

Major releases of Python and JavaScript test reporters bring flexible and uniform configuration, parameterized test results, and even faster reporting thanks to asynchronous test reporting.

Building GitHub CI pipelines for complex testing workflows with reporting to Qase is now easier with Qase GitHub Actions. They cover the most important scenarios, such as operating Qase test runs and uploading results in XCTest, JUnit, and Qase formats.

Pipelines in other CI/CD tools can perform all the same tasks with the Qase command line tool, which is conveniently packed in a tiny Docker image. 

We are testers building for testers

We regularly review customer feature requests and votes on Canny so that we can build the product you want and need. Here’s a quick look at a few features that started as a feature request and are live thanks to your suggestions and votes!

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