Qase October Updates

Bulk operations

  • Now you can see how many cases you have selected for the bulk operation.
  • You can clone multiple test cases in bulk, all at the same time (see "Clone" button on the screenshot above?).

Jira integration

  • We have introduced a two-way statuses sync between Jira issue and Qase defect — whenever you change Jira issue status, the corresponding Qase defect will be updated
  • When you create a defect during a test run and check the "create jira issue" checkbox, the jira issue is created and linked to the test case you're currently running.
  • You can now remove the link between Jira issue and the test case in the Jira issue glance panel; also, you can now attach or detach jira issue from the test case in jira search results;
  • You can now search and then attach or detach test cases to a jira issue;

Misc UI updates

  • Members can now invite users;
  • Redesign of the Test results screen:
  • User can now expand or collapse all suites with one click:

API and Import updates

  • We added a Go client for our API, you can generate it with go-swagger, OpenAPI spec is here;
  • You can now import data from Zephyr too :)
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