Qase April Updates

Hi everyone!

This is a monthly update overview for Qase, a modern TestOps platform.

Migration from DO to AWS

Qase is growing fast and we have decided to move the whole infrastructure from Digital Ocean to Amazon Web Services. It was the first planned maintenance period with a short downtime for a very long time. But everything went smooth and we have successfully migrated. As a bonus, page load time has decreased (up to 2x times).

SOC2 / ISO27001 preparation

We have started preparations for the SOC2 Type 2 and ISO27001 certifications. Both of them require at least 6 months of the observation window, so it will take some time to get these certificates.


One of the most asked features is finally live. Create the requirements for your product, map them on test cases and organize them in an agile way:

Epic → User Story → Feature.

We will continue the work on requirements as we have released only a small part that was in our backlog. But we need your feedback to decide on the right direction.

Theme size

A small improvement that can help to adjust the Qase interface for your monitor. You change font size in the appearance section.

Export test cases using filters

The export feature was robust for a very long time. You could export test cases into several formats, but you were not able to export a subset of test cases. We have rebuilt the feature - now it opens in a modal window and uses filters from the repository page.

Test Layer and Is Flaky properties

We have added two new system fields for the test cases:

  • Test Layer has three default values: E2E, API, or Unit Test.
  • Is Flaky is a checkbox that can be set to an unstable test case.

Dashboard page speedup

We have reduced the amount of data transferred on the Dashboard page. You can notice up to 40% decreased load time.


We have added an option to add attachments to the comments and allowed free read-only users to write them. So it makes it easier to interact with the teammates, who don't have full access to the app.

New status for test result

A lot of users have asked for an additional status that can mark a test case as invalid or broken and it should be rewritten or refactored. New is status is live.

New API methods

Some of our users have hit the API limit of 200 requests per minute because of the big test suites with a lot of data. To decrease the number of requests made by reporters, we have added a new Bulk Test Result Add method, that allows sending a set of results in a single query. Also, it works asynchronously and lightning-fast.

New methods:

  • Bulk test result upload
  • Defect create
  • Defect update
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