Qase Summer Updates

Qase Summer Updates

Hi everyone!

It’s been a long time since we last updated our blog but it’s better late than never! We’d like to show off to you some of the amazing progress we’re proud to have achieved.

We got our first round of funding, people 🙌 — $500k to grow our team and become even better than we are now. It was a tough challenge but the hard work has paid off.

Indeed, we’ve worked incredibly hard these past few months and we are proud to present some of the excellent developments we have delivered:


Here you can see the Dashboards pane. This pane is a single location for all your analytical data. Here you’ll see all the trends and metrics of your projects. You can compose the layout of the pane with just the widgets that you need so that you can monitor the exact data you’re after. And if you spot something weird is going on, perhaps an unexpected rate of failures somewhere, you can request the necessary information to investigate further with…

Qase Query Language (QQL)

QQL allows you to dig as deep into Qase database data as you desire. Does that remind you of JQL? It should.

QQL is only available in business and enterprise plans.

And if you need to inquire about some nonplanar data, first you might want to apply…


When the number of testcases is getting too big or when you need the categorisation of some granular testcases, using tags will come in handy since they can be applied to any entity.

As though all these instruments weren’t enough for what you wanted, go check out our…


It’s now fully covered by OpenApi specification concepts — see specs github repo. And note that we've also slightly updated the spec — Custom Fields have been moved to the Workspace level, so that fields are now consistently created for multiple projects.

But if you're more used to operating in our webapp UI, take note that there we’ve made a few changes as well:

  • Workspace settings: Members and Invitations are now in separate tabs; each with Search and Filters.
  • The Automation Status filter was added to the test run Dashboards. Clicking defect ID now takes you directly to the Test Case.
  • Changes to a test plan can affect your active test runs. Check Test Plans docs for more details.