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Hi everyone 👋

We haven't posted updates for more than one year, and I think it is never late to start sharing product changes again. We are going to publish a list of changes every month in our blog. We will keep posting updates on Medium, but the primary source will be a blog on our website.

Unlimited free read-only users for everyone

A read-only user is a particular type of user in Qase that doesn't consume seats in the subscription. These users can see the test repository, test runs, or have access to metrics. Previously this option was available to Business plan subscribers only, but we have decided to allow everyone to add as many read-only users as they want. We follow a simple goal - help QA teams make the software testing process transparent to their colleagues and teammates. I hope that will work.

Grouped shared steps

A shared step is an excellent feature that saved hours of work for our users. But it wasn't brilliant. The main problem was that a shared step was a single step. From now, you can create groups of shared steps and insert them into a test case.

Unbound test runs

We have changed the behavior of the test runs created by API. Previously, a list of cases was a mandatory field, and you should pass them to test run. From now you can make an empty test run and add test cases on the go by adding test results with a particular test case id.

Project archives

Now you can move a finished or canceled project into an archive. It will gain a read-only status. That can be done from the project settings page.

Public projects

Now you can create a project that is available for the whole team.

Other changes and improvements

  • The webhook secret is now optional.
  • An option to disable Test Case Review
  • Various performance optimizations
  • More than 40 bugs and issues were fixed.