Qase Monthly Update

Qase Monthly Update
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Every week we deploy new features, improvements, and enhancements to our users. Some of them are based on the feedback you provide on a roadmap page. Today I want to share with you a compilation of such improvements that were shipped in October.

Suite drag and drop

Since launch, it was impossible to change suites order. It was really annoying and the most asked feature by users. At the beginning of October, we have released a “drag and drop” feature for the suite tree. Now you can easily re-arrange it and change the position of any suite in your test model.

New filters

We have entirely reworked filters to make them more user-friendly and comfortable to use. You can add filters one by one and combine them with search and each other. Now you can also find deprecated, not automated, or test cases without steps.

Repository search function

If you have a big test model with hundreds or thousands of test cases, it is crucial to have a possibility to find a necessary test case quickly. The only option that was available before is to use the browser search. Now you use the search function and mix it with filters.

Bulk delete

Sometimes it is necessary to delete a set of deprecated or invalid test cases. It is annoying to do that one-by-one. We have added an option to select a pack of test cases on the repository page and move them to a trash bin.

Test case form update

Test cases in Qase have a lot of different params that can be defined: severity, priority, preconditions, etc. Include here a list of custom fields, attachments, and steps. We have followed a standard design rule that fields in form should be placed in a column, one by one. Page was tall, and there was no fun to scroll it each time. We have changed this behavior and made test case creation more compact — now it takes twice less space in height.

Test case step cloning

If you have several steps that have similar actions in one test case, it was not so comfortable to create a new step, copy text, paste it, and edit. Now you can clone existing steps in one click.

Attachments modal update

For a very long time, the attachment upload modal in the test case was a black hole. It allowed uploading new files only. There was no chance to attach a file that was already uploaded to Qase. From now, you can browse previously uploaded files and use one of them twice.

ClickUp integration

ClickUp is a modern project management tool that was created for agile teams. Now you can send defects from Qase directly to the ClickUp sprint board. It can be set up from the project’s integration page.

Breadcrumbs help to understand the hierarchy of the test model in a flat list. We have added breadcrumbs for suites in a test run dashboard and a test run wizard.

Auto-focus option

Each project in Qase can be customized and configured. You can change test run wizard behavior or hide some fields in test cases. We have added an option to turn off redirect to the next test case in a wizard after adding a result (passed, failed, skipped, or blocked).

New import formats

From now, you can import test cases from TestCollab and Zephyr for Jira Cloud test management systems.

Other changes

  • Fixed an issue with case sorting in a test run
  • Design updates
  • Manage payment methods
  • Export to PDF sorting option
  • Test case clone feature now copies attachments too
  • Performance improvements