Qase February Updates

In February, Qase added integrations for Linear, BitBucket, and GitHub. The API documentation has also been updated for teams that want to create custom integrations with Qase using the API.

Linear Integration

Integration with Linear allows linking a test case to an external task:


It is also possible to create an issue directly in the external integration:


Defect status synchronization:


CI/CD integrations

CI/CD provides the ability to run automated tests in pipelines from Qase.

When creating a test run, the user should enter mandatory data to run tests, such as workspace, repository, branch, and pipeline name.


Once the automatic run has started, the sidebar will display the status of the process (with a delay of up to a few minutes) and a link to the pipeline. You can watch the tests running in the pipeline.

If the user has set up a reporter, the results will be automatically sent to the created run when the pipeline is finished.


Linear documentation

Bitbucket documentation

GitHub documentation


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