Qase May Updates

As always we have something interesting for you. To be more specific: one integration and several features. More specifically: read below.


New Redmine App is ready for use. You can install it on Apps page.

To install the app you should enable the ‘Enable REST web service’ option in Administration settings and get an API token on the ‘My account’ page.

The app can be used to:

  • create issues during a test run
  • link cases and runs with Redmine issues

Migration to the new Apps

If you have an already installed old integration you can see a notice on the Apps page next to the corresponding App.

You can either install a new App or migrate your credentials from the old integration.

If you have multiple projects with integrations of the same type you should choose the source for the new App.

Choosing default options for system fields

By analogy with custom fields, now you can choose a default value for system fields. Provided that for this field did not select a multi-select. What does default value mean? This is the value that will be set for this field, for example, when creating a test case by default.

Codeception PHP reporter

This reporter allows our clients, who using codeception test framework on PHP stack, sent results to Qase.

Codeception reporter has most features of other our reporters, such as:

  • Auto create test run
  • Auto complete test run
  • Auto create test cases when they does not exists
  • Bulk sending results

Create ability to pay an overdue invoice

Have some overdue invoices to take care of? Let’s deal with them. This enhancement allows paying overdue invoices directly from the billing UI.

Choosing the required option for system fields

See how it works in the video below

A placeholder has been added to the system fields

Update unsubscribe and cancel trial modals

Added a modal window in which you need to select at least one option


Javascript reporters (Cypress, Playwright, TestCafe, Newman, CucumberJS):

Now you can automatically create test cases in the Settings → Auto-create test cases option should be turned on.

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