Qase April Updates

Qase April Updates

Today we are greeting new features. Dear Features, Welcome to Qase! People, please give them a warm hello 😘

Add a search box to the fields list page

A very convenient feature is here! We have added the ability to search by name in fields.

Choosing default options for custom fields

Another quality-of-life addition: the ability to select a default value for a custom field from a dropdown.

Paginator on User pages

The festival of convenient features continues. Welcome the ability to select the number of items on the user list page.

Editable system fields options

And finally, the highlight of our festival program: the ability to edit system fields. In particular, now you can change the icon of the field, set up the number of options, and change the titles of the options.

Now let's talk about being serious. Serious updates for serious people.

Public API to “Startups to Watch“ list - Public Postman Collection

Now you can try to use Qase API not only in API Reference but also in the public Postman Collection. It's a quick and easy way to start using our API for your scenarios.

Write webhooks guides - Webhooks Guides

Take a look at the supported Webhooks and detailed documentation. The events that cause Webhooks to be called are listed, as well as example payloads. This documentation will help you create your own custom workflow to work with Qase TMS.

Add the “Started At” field for manual test result

With the addition of this field now you know when the work on a Test Case has begun in a Test Run, and even if the Test Run Wizard was closed, the information will be saved at the end.

Add Siblings and Retries tabs into Public report.

With this update, we have added support for "Retries" (all results for a given test case in a given test run) and "Defects" (defects, if any, for the last added test result) tabs to the public Test Run report. Brief information and the current status of runs/defects are available for the public viewers.

Clone run with Assignees

With the “Clone with assignees” option, you can opt to carry over your assignments when cloning or re-executing a test run. This option allows you to duplicate Test Run with the test case assignments preserved.

Set the "is_api_result" flag for results via the API

All test results sent via API are now automatically assigned an “is_api_result” flag. This will allow you to distinguish the source of the sent result in the modal window of the test results.

And some other updates:

  • Fixed MD->HTML parsing issue at modal
  • Improved processing, added new features, and provided for different work scenarios.
  • Layout, colors, UX improvements
  • A lot of small fixes, interface tweaks.
  • API Improvements
  • General improvement of stability, elimination of bugs and defects.
  • Publish stable PHPUnit reporter
  • Improving JS Reporters and client

Publish stable autogenerated JS client in NPM

Update JS reporters, use auto-generated client in JS reporters

Used JS client version “2.0.1”. CucumberJS updated to "v0.2.8-alpha.0”, Newman updated to “v1.0.6-alpha.0”, Cypress updated to “v1.4.2-alpha.1”, TestCafe updated to “v1.2.0-alpha.0”, Playwright updated to “v1.2.0-alpha.1”. Improved stability and bulletproof.

Thank you for the warm welcome of new features!