Selenium Conference Chicago 2023 Recap

Connection, Collaboration, and Chicago-style pizza. What more could we ask for?

One of the best parts about remote-first work (in my book) is flexibility. One of the best parts for our clients is global coverage and context. But even better? Getting to meet people you spend your weekdays with, outside of the familiar 16:10 box. The Qase team is not alone in our increasingly remote-first or hybrid world of technology, and our fellow SeleniumConf attendees felt the in-person love too:

Fellow US-based members Brandon, Connor and Emily finally got to hug it out, spread some smiles with our throwback mood rings, meet the [in?]famous Dark Arts Wizard himself, experience Jim Evan's annual karaoke outing, and appreciate the deep sense of community that open source platforms - but particularly Selenium - create, with the dedication of people who truly love to build quality tools, and give back.

There couldn't have been a more talented and diverse group; and so generous with their feedback and ideas, and interest in learning themselves. As Diego Molina commented on during his opening keynote, it was great to be together - to draw inspiration, education, and motivation - especially after the challenges facing teams and individuals over the past several years.

We can say with 100% confidence that we caught the (good) bug 🐛 that many said they found after attending their first Selenium Conference. And the desire to build quality tools to help folks improve their processes is something that resonates with the team 🦾.

Thanks for welcoming us into your #testingcommunity and the Selenium group; catch the amazing speaker sessions here if you weren't able to attend!

Sharing Mood Rings and Smiles
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