Software conferences to attend in 2024

Keep track of upcoming software conferences with this running list of DevOps, Software Testing, Software Development, and Quality Assurance conferences.

Here at Qase, we love software conferences. We attend, sponsor, and speak at various conferences both in-person and online every year, so we maintain a pretty long list of conferences on our radar. We thought we’d save you all some time and share our comprehensive list of DevOps, software testing, software development, and quality assurance conferences in 2024.

🗂️Bookmark this post and check back often, we’ll continue to update this article throughout the year as more software conferences and information become available.

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DevOps conferences

DevOpsCon 2024

DevOpsCon focuses on CI/CD, Kubernetes Ecosystem, Agile, and Lean Business. This London-based conference offers in-person and virtual options for sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities.

While this 4-day conference has yet to announce its sessions, past years have explored various aspects of Kubernetes, discussed how to elevate software testing with AI, and explored the latest DevOps trends.

When: April 8-11, 2024
Where: London, United Kingdom
Price: £449 - £1,599 depending on the time of purchase, number of days attending, and in-person versus virtual.

DevOps Days Istanbul 2024

If you’re looking for sessions aimed at developers, system admins, and people in technical fields — put DevOpsDays Istanbul on your list.

While they’ve announced one keynote speaker — Anton Babenko, Community Hero at AWS — the majority of sessions and speakers have not been announced yet. Previous years have covered Kubernetes, automation, and various DevOps trends.

When: April 20, 2024
Where: Istanbul, Turkey
Price: $47-$100 depending on time of purchase

Agile + DevOps USA

👋Say hi to the Qase team at this conference!

Agile + DevOps USA used to be split into East and West conferences, but in 2024 they’re merging into one large Techwell software conference. This event concentrates on trending topics in Agile and DevOps such as agile testing and automation, AI and machine learning, digital transformation, and building Agile/DevOps cultures. 

Programming has not been announced yet, but will include formal talks as well as professionals leading facilitated open spaces on particular topics. Previous years keynotes covered subjects such as humanizing work, DevOps from large enterprises’ POV, and effective product development culture.

When: October 20-25, 2024
Where: Orlando, Florida
Price: TBD

Quality assurance and software testing conferences

Software Quality Days

Software Quality Days is a two-day event covering a range of topics such as security & compliance, code quality, test automation, software quality assurance, AI, Agile, test data, and collaboration. 

Sessions are given in either English or German and cover newcomer, advanced, and expert level topics. Software Quality Days includes three keynotes — two in English and one in German. 

Joshua Kerievsky, Founder and CEO of Industrial Logic, will open the conference with “Joy of Agility.”  The second day will kick off with Professor of Physics and Engineering, Laurie Williams’ talk, “How are We Doing with Adopting Tasks to Reduce Software Supply Chain Security Risk?” Frank Astor, coach and trainer, will close the conference with a talk in German about the future of digitalization. 

When: April 23-25, 2024
Where: Vienna, Austria
Price: €590- €2,030 depending on time of purchase

StarEast 2024

StarEast is an in-person and virtual Techwell software conference for software testing and quality.

While sessions are still in development, StarEast promises over 75 talks including keynotes, tutorials, and sessions. The long list of topics to be covered includes test automation, accessibility, test strategy, career development, security testing, and many more.

StarEast will be held in a resort-style luxury hotel near Orlando, Florida’s famous theme parks, making it a great choice for anyone looking to tack a vacation onto their conference experience.

When: April 28 - May 3, 2024
Where: Orlando, Florida
Price: $1,995 - $3,545 depending on number of days

World Conference on Quality & Improvement 2024

World Conference on Quality & Improvement (WCQI) boasts “70 years as the quality community’s leading event.”

WCQI offers four session types:

  • Concurrent: 45-minute sessions to present real applications, results, or solutions that can be immediately implemented
  • Case study: 60-minute sessions based on real life examples with problem statement, methodology, and solution
  • Workshop: 2-hour hands-on sessions addressing a topic while leading participants through a practical lesson
  • After 5 session: 60-minutes sessions that happen after 5pm, designed to help attendees have fun, think outside the box, and make connections

Session details and speakers will be announced in 2024.

When: May 12-15, 2024
Where: San Diego, California
Price: $199 - $1,799 depending on time of purchase and various discounts (Student & ASQ members)

International Conference on Software Testing 2024

The 17th annual IEEE International Conference on Software Testing (ICST) aims to provide a space for engineers, scientists, and researchers to come together to share research, ideas, and new developments.
All research papers submitted to ICST are peer-reviewed and evaluated based on quality, originality, and relevance, so attendees can anticipate well-researched presentations by top scientists and practitioners.

When: May 27-31, 2024
Where: Toronto, Canada
Price: $350 - $1,080 depending on time of purchase, IEEE membership status, and sessions selected

ExpoQA 2024

ExpoQA is a 3-day conference where software testing and quality engineering from all over Europe and beyond meet up for sessions, master classes, and hands-on workshops.

The 2024 event concentrates on “the practicality of testing and implementing quality in everyday life and work.” Sessions and speakers have yet to be announced, but previous years covered topics such as behavior driven development, chaos testing, AI-assisted programming, exploratory testing, and managing security.

When: May 28-30, 2024
Where: Madrid, Spain
Price: €649.90 - €1,449.00 depending on time of purchase and number of days

Test Automation Days 2024

Test Automation Days is a two-day conference for the international test automation community. It’s an ideal networking and learning opportunity for professionals in IT management like CIOs and CTOs, IT professionals such as Test Managers and Engineers, and business management like Project Managers and Software Suppliers.

Talks, workshops, and hands-on experiences center around the latest testing techniques and tools. The organizers of this conference strive to reframe test automation. They will explore the rapidly evolving industry through case studies presented by industry experts.

Programming has yet to be released. Test Automation Days is actively seeking presentations that cover implementing innovative practices, using AI-assisted tools, and what’s next in test automation.

When: May 29-30, 2024
Where: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Price: €395 - €790 depending on number of days

Nordic Testing Days

👋 Say hi to the Qase team at this conference!

Nordic Testing Days is an annual conference that was originally aimed at software testers, but has expanded to offer material for programmers, UX specialists, designers, project managers, and more.

Sessions have not been announced, but Nordic Testing Days promises an event that’s useful for both junior and senior professionals in IT. The conference aims to promote knowledge-sharing in the testing industry, discuss the importance of delivering quality software, and create a space for sharing success and failure stories so attendees can learn from each other.

Call for papers: Accepting papers through December 1, 2023
When: June 5-7, 2024
Where: Tallinn, Estonia
Price: €603.90 - €1,030.90 depending on package selected

EuroSTAR 2024

👋 Say hi to the Qase team at this conference!

EuroSTAR is a 4-day conference that draws in more than 1,000 software testers for educational sessions run by industry experts.
Sessions are still in the works, but EuroSTAR is planning more than 60 sessions including keynotes, tutorials, and track talks. Previous years have been described as a “Disneyland for testers” thanks to the variety of testers from different industries who discuss topics such as DEI, methods of collaboration, test automation, accessibility testing, remote work, and much more.

When: June 11-14, 2024
Where: Stockholm, Sweden
Price: €1,825 - €2,125, depending on time of purchase and level of access. Group pricing is also available.

Romanian Testing Conference 2024

👋 Say hi to the Qase team at this conference!
🎤Attend a talk by Qase Developer Advocate, Jenna Charlton

The 2024 Romanian Testing Conference (RTC) theme is “Beyond the Surface: Unleashing Hidden Potential in Testing.”

RTC embraces this theme and encourages attendees to be active participants and co-creators by bringing their own questions, insights, and experiences to share. The conference will center around diving deep into the testing landscape to uncover hidden gems in common processes, tools, and methodologies.

Programming is still being developed and at the time of publication RTC is accepting submissions for talks and workshops.

Call for talks and workshops: Accepting through November 30, 2023
When: June 12-14, 2024
Where: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Price: €240 - €400 depending on sessions

QA or the Highway

The Midwest’s largest software conference, QA or the Highway, is a one-day conference in Columbus, Ohio. 

Keynote speakers for the 2024 event include Andrew Knight of The Automation Panda and Ronald Cummings-John, Co-founder at Global App Testing and Co-author of Leading quality. 

QA or the Highway is one of the most affordable events, especially for US-based professionals. Tickets include access to all 32 talks along with two meals, snacks, and conference raffles. 

When: June 21, 2024 
Where: Columbus, Ohio
Price: $99-$129 depending on time of purchase

TestBash Brighton 2024

👋Say hi to the Qase team at this conference!

Ministry of Testing hosts several TestBash online events throughout the year. TestBash Brighton is a two-day event dedicated to all things AI and testing. 

Day 1 of the conference will focus on software testing and AI while day two will expand to cover other hot topics in the software testing industry. 

Ministry of Testing has been putting on TestBash for awhile but for this event they’ve shifted the focus to bring in more contributions from the community. On top of speakers, this event will also have group activity facilitators, ambassadors who work to build connections between attendees, and teachers hosting 99-minute workshops. 

When: September 12-13, 2024
Where: Brighton, UK
Price: £799 -  £1,149 depending on time of purchase

StarWest 2024

👋Say hi to the Qase team at this conference!

StarWest, a Techwell event, will take place in the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California — giving attendees the chance to experience a bit of Disney magic while they’re in town. 

Sessions for the 2024 event are still being planned. Last year’s keynote speakers included Tariq King discussing the rise of generative AI, Aprajita Mathus presenting on bootstrapping a tester’s journey, Hajer Ben Moussa sharing the surprising combination of boxing and test automation, and others. 

When: October 1-6, 2024
Where: Anaheim, California and online 
Price: TBD

Hungarian Software Testing Forum (HUSTEF)

HUSTEF is a two-day conference focused on building knowledge about software quality and testing.

Sessions for the 2024 event are still in progress. Last year’s event featured tracks for Test Automation, Leadership & Coaching, Test Maturity & Recruitment, Non-Functional, Test Capability, Code Structure & Quality, Techniques, Test Management for Growth, and Risk & Complexity. 

At the time of publishing, two keynote speakers have been announced — Anne-Marie Charrett, Director of Engineering and Speaker, and Gáspár Nagy, creator of SpecFlow — with more speakers to be announced soon. 

When: October 8-10, 2024
Where: Budapest, Hungary
Price: TBD

Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference (PNSQC)

The 2024 theme for PNSQC is “The future is NOW!” and will be offered in-person and virtually. 

Sessions will fit into one of three tracks: 

  • Process and tools
  • Management, leadership, and people
  • Emerging technologies and concepts

Last year’s conference featured four keynote speakers, 31 technical papers, 4 panel discussion, and 8 half-day workshops, along with various other activities. 

When: October 14-16, 2024
Where: Portland, Oregon and online
Price: $499-$1,610 depending on time of purchase, days selected, and in-person vs virtual 

Testing United Conference

All levels of testers can benefit from the programming at the two-day Testing United Conference

In 2024, the main topic will be “AI Augmented QA: Challenges, Opportunities, and Lessons from the Past.” Sessions will explore AI in QA as well as other testing topics through expert-led talks, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities.

While sessions have yet to be announced, some workshops have already been finalized. Leandro Melendez will run the workshop “Modern Performance Engineering,” teaching performance assurance principles and modern best practices. Emna Ayadi’s workshop, “Master the Art of Quality Coaching through Gamification and Engage your Stakeholders” will teach quality coaches to use games to help stakeholders understand the purpose and process of testing. 

When: November 7-8, 2024
Where: Vienna, Austria 
Price: €520+, depending on time of purchase

Agile Testing Days 2024

👋 Say hi to the Qase team at this conference!
🎤Attend a Keynote by Qase Developer Advocate, Jenna Charlton

Agile Testing Days (Agile TD) is a long-standing conference that offers both onsite and virtual options for software testers, software engineers, QA leads, QA engineers, agile testers, software developers, test automation specialists, agile coaches or scrum masters, product owners, and team leads. 

Although sessions for the four-day conference are still in the works, AgileTD announced a powerhouse lineup of keynote speakers, including Qase Developer Advocate, Jenna Charlton

Last year’s talks covered topics such as breaking into AI and machine learning, reimagining the future of automation, software testing ethics, and more. In 2024, AgileTD is introducing four expert-curated deep dive tracks that explore a key area of software testing and provide hands-on knowledge from industry experts. 

This event also includes a day completely dedicated to tutorials. Attendees can choose from various full-day workshops, single conference days, or a combination.

When: November 19-22, 2024
Where: Potsdam, Germany
Price: €800 - €2,500, prices vary depending on virtual versus onsite and number of days. 

Agile conferences

XP 2024

XP 2024 will the the 25th International Conference on Agile Software Development. While the conference originally focused only on extreme programming (XP), the scope has expanded to cover modern Agile approaches, developments, and trends.

Programming has not yet been announced, but previous years talks covered software sustainability, learning from your mistakes, improving legacy code, and many other topics.

When: June 3-7, 2024
Where: Bolzano, Italy
Price: €200 - €1,500 depending on time of purchase and student or member discounts

Agile on the Beach 2024

Agile on the Beach is a conference geared towards professionals working in Agile or anyone interested in leveraging the Agile methodology. And while the conference is actually held inside the Academy of Music and Theatrical Arts in Cornwall, attendees can enjoy a backdrop of Gyllyngvase beach and the Atlantic ocean.

Sessions are still in the works but a few social events have been announced. Attendees can look forward to an Agile Quiz Night, garden party games, a beach party and BBQ, and a boat party to wrap up the conference.

When: July 4-5, 2024
Where: Falmouth University, United Kingdom
Price: £660, tickets to boat party sold separately

Agile 2024

Agile 2024 brings passionate Agilists from around the world together for a 5-day conference.

Sessions and speakers are still in the works. Agile 2024 promises programming concentrating on Agile practices, strategies, and ideas presented by leading experts from around the globe.

When: July 22-26, 2024
Where: Grapevine, Texas
Price: $1,699 -$2,599 depending on time of purchase and available discounts

Agile Prague

👋 Say hi to the Qase team at this conference!
🎤Attend a talk by Qase Developer Advocate, Jenna Charlton

Agile Prague is a collaborative two-day conference where attendees are encouraged to chat with speakers. 

Because this conference strives to provide valuable networking and learning opportunities, the organizers intentionally limit attendance to 350 people. Attendees will have plenty of time to chat with speakers and peers during breaks without needing to schedule a bunch of meetings. 

Sessions are still being planned but will cover topics such as agile organization & leadership, collaboration & culture, business agility, scaling, and technical practices. 

When: September 16-17, 2024
Where: Prague, Czechia
Price: TBD

Software development conferences

KCDC 2024

Kansas City Developer Conference (KCDC) is a two-day conference that will be celebrating their 15th anniversary in 2024. 

KCDC includes a pre-conference workshop day before the two days of sessions aimed at Developers, Architects, UI/UX designers, QA professionals, PMs, and technology managers. Sessions for 2024 are still in the works. 

When: June 27-28, 2024
Where: Kansas City, Missouri
Price: TBD

Developer Week Germany 2024

Developer Week is an established software development conference that features more than 150 experts across hundreds of lectures, workshops, and development sessions.

Programming includes three categories:

  • Workshops: One full working day each, maximum of 25 participants
  • Talks: One-hour sessions, unlimited attendees
  • DevSessions: Around four hours each, maximum of 35 participants

When: July 1-5, 2024
Where: Nuremberg, Germany
Price: €199 - 1,963 depending on time of purchase and number of days attending

That Conference 2024

That Conference calls themselves a “summer camp for geeks” that hosts in-person events in Texas and Wisconsin once a year and digital events all year round.

That Conference Wisconsin 2024 will be a 4-day summer camp for developers who are excited to learn about mobile, web, cloud, and technology topics.

We love that this is one of the few family-friendly software conferences out there. It takes place in the Kalahari Resort and Waterpark and includes both professional and family tracks, so your whole family can tag along. They also provide different lanyard colors so attendees can easily communicate if they prefer no physical contact (red), limited contact like handshakes (yellow), or okay with personal contact like hugs (green).

Sessions are still being developed, but attendees can look forward to more than 200 sessions, several hands-on learning workshops, and networking opportunities.

When: July 29 - August 1, 2024
Where: Wisconsin Dells, WI
Price: $199-$1,199 depending on number of days, event access, and food choices

We hope to see you at a software conference sometime soon

Remember to keep checking back for updates on programming, pricing, and additional conferences!

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