QA Meetup #2

We at Qase are committed to ensuring the quality of our products and improving the lives of our users.

In November 2022, we held our first QA meetup in Tbilisi, Georgia:

We were truly enamored with the community and decided to continue organizing events. A week ago, we partnered with DataArt and Picsart and shared our knowledge and insights on quality assurance through a two-day offline event in beautiful Yerevan, Armenia.

We had six talks:

1. Sargis Sargsyan, Director of Quality Engineering at Picsart, in his talk “Agile Testing: A Holistic View on Quality Engineering Opportunities and Challenges” talked about the success of Agile and its impact on the testing process. Sargis covered the historical role of Quality Engineering, its future, and his experience implementing Agile principles in Quality Engineering.

2. Eli Volkov, Customer Success Manager at Qase, in his talk “Customers define quality. Or do they?” described the role of a CS manager in software development and Quality Management.

3. Alexey Solovyev, Business Analyst and Product owner at DataArt in his talk “Documenting requirements to please QAs” shared his experience and best practices for modern documentation formats, such as user stories, acceptance criteria, use cases, and screen specifications.

4. Julia Meshcheryakova, Senior ML Engineer at DataArt, in her talk “Holiday season: Ensuring Quality During the Holidays: Managing High Volume and Unexpected Anomalies” discussed how the ability to handle high load affected the quality of services and specifically how to prepare for it during holidays.

5. Ilya Filinin, Head of QA/AQA at Qase, gave a talk “Who should write autotests?” in which he covered different options and their pros and cons for companies and employees.

6. Anita Zakaryan, Localization Manager at Picsart, in her talk "Localization quality: Human translation vs Machine Translation" discussed what localisation was and shared her knowledge and experience with managing the quality of such aspects of localisation as translation, adaptation of images, UI, data collection, and analytics.

We will continue organizing meetups, convening individuals, exchanging knowledge, and addressing QA topics. Thank you all for coming and spending quality time with us!

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