Qase August Updates

New sidebar Wizard

Now wizard has a different view. More user-friendly and functional. Let’s go deeper to understand what has changed.

With this update, there is no need to navigate your test cases in a separate Wizard modal window - navigation is carried out through the Run Dashboard itself, and you execute the test cases and steps in the sidebar, where you interact with the Wizard now.

The test case results are now shown in the sidebar instead of a pop-over modal window. It is consistent with our updated UI across the platform - a similar sidebar can be found in the repository for previewing test cases.

When you set up a defect during a test run, you can choose between creating a new defect from scratch and connecting an existing defect using this simple toggle. Click-click.

Fixed bugs

  • Now all Redmine projects and fields display when creating tasks
  • The cases order are preserved in pdf and HTML exports
  • Fixed error when opening some large projects
  • Users with deactivated accounts and/or account type "read-only" can't work through API token
  • Fixed 500 error when trying to open Slack app settings
  • Fixed error when trying to import TestRail XML file
  • The color of the custom field values icons does match the color on the dashboard
  • Fixed error when removing dashboards from favorites
  • Now read only users don't have access to see users’ space
  • Added tags in export
  • Now distribution custom widget shows custom fields if enabled for all projects
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