Qase raises $7.2M to enhance software testing πŸš€

Qase has raised a total of $7.2M in Series A and seed funding rounds to accelerate our pursuit of helping QA teams increase their testing efficiency and speed.

Qase is the first platform in the market with an AI-powered automated test generator based on manual test cases. Customers report that after switching to Qase, testing operation speed increases by up to 60%.

To accelerate our pursuit of helping QA teams increase their testing efficiency and speed, we're proud to announce we've raised a total of $7.2M in Series A and seed funding rounds! πŸ”₯ Our Series A round was led by Chrome Capital with participation from Finsight Ventures and S16VC. The funds will be used to scale our team, and to launch the first Jira-like marketplace for test management tools.

Testing pipelines have become too complex. At Qase, we want to help QA teams not only facilitate quality gates, but also interpret, aggregate, and collect testing results in one workspace so they can make informed quality decisions. We're going to forge a new market segment in the software testing industry for testing operations (TestOps). Qase integrates with Asana, Github, Jira, Trello, and other tools, and with our future marketplace, we’ll be able to address every need that QA teams have.

Since 2019, we've processed over 27 million test results for over 100,000 developers, and our customers include Wolt (acquired by DoorDash), Asana, and SeatGeek. The Qase Platform solves the problem of overloaded developers and QA teams by drastically reducing the amount of testing tools that need to be used simultaneously. Unlike other platforms, Qase also provides DataDog-quality reporting and dashboards for a comprehensive analysis of both manual and automated testing issues and operations. The platform also has a feature to make reports shareable, which ensures that valuable insights into testing health are visible to any stakeholder in the development lifecycle.

"Qase is one of the leaders in emerging and fast growing TestOps segment. Its solutions are becoming particularly important as QA teams, development teams, and organizations are seeking more efficient delivery cycles, greater collaboration, and faster feedback loops through the use of automation. We hope that with Chrome Capital support the company will further strengthen its market position in software testing industry, accelerate its development and grow substantially over the coming years." - Alexander Savin, co-founder of Chrome Capital

Thanks to every member of the Qase team, our customers, partners, and investors for helping us reach this point. We can't wait to work together with you on what's next. Your insights and feedback are key to helping us develop a dream product for QA teams.

To learn more about how you can use Qase to speed up your QA process, schedule a demo today.

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