What to expect from the Qase Studies newsletter

Get an idea of what to expect from the Qase Studies newsletter with some of the most popular links from the past 6 months.

Since revamping the Qase studies newsletter in November 2023, we’ve been taking note of which stories resonate with our subscribers. If you’re into QA news, discussions, resources, and events, you’ll love Qase Studies!

To give you an idea of what to expect from our biweekly newsletter, here’s a look at some of the most popular stories from the past six months. 

From the Qase Files 🗂️

Qase Files content produced by the Qase team, including blog posts, product announcements, videos, and more. 

What we’re reading 📚

Think of this like “Staff Picks” at a bookstore. You’ll find interesting articles, intriguing projects, and industry-related books. 

Questions and conversations 💬

We love getting into conversations (and sometimes heated discussions) on social media and in forums. We curate recent conversations for each issue. Below are a few that our readers were particularly interested in. 

Events 🎪

We include upcoming industry events in every issue. If you’d like to plan ahead, you can always bookmark our roundup of software conferences to attend, which we update regularly. 

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