Qase Offsite 2024

A photo roundup of Qase's first all team offsite in Budva, Montenegro.

The Qase Team just wrapped our very first all team offsite in Budva, Montenegro!

Team members flew in from nearly 10 different countries, representing various cultures and languages, so we could all meet and work together. We got a lot done — so much that we forgot to get an all-team photo 🤦‍♀️

Special thanks to QA Engineer Dmitrii Dalinger who took so many amazing photos of the team throughout the offsite and VP of Marketing Breezy Baldwin who captured some fun moments!

Here are a few photos to highlight this wonderful experience!

For three days, the team worked together or in groups to problem-solve, brainstorm, and discuss how we can build the best possible product for our customers. We went through a lot of post-it notes.

While Qase loves working remotely, there's something special about coming up with solutions and plans with your team in person.

Shoutout to a few sales and marketing team members, like Breezy and Nick below, who were all smiles at the offsite even though they jumped back on a plane to make it to StarEAST Conference in Orlando, Florida right after (and where they are at the time of publishing!)

After long days at work, we also had some fun! Our sunset boat ride did turn into a rain and clouds tour, but we still enjoyed it.

We can't wait until next time!

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