Qase Spring Updates

Hey there! I wanted to let you know about some updates we released this spring. We added a beta feature for autotest code generation using OpenAI GPT, as well as CI/CD integrations with Gitlab and Jenkins. Our text editor performance has also been improved, and we've introduced a new Jira issue transition flow. To make things simpler, we've also streamlined our Slack integration configuration. Plus, now you can use QQL-based test runs! Check out the details below.

Autotest code generation using OpenAI GPT

⚠️ This feature is in early beta and should only be used for demonstration purposes. Please note that there is a limit of 10 requests per hour, and large test cases may be rejected.

This feature provides you with the ability to generate a draft of an autotest based on a test case description.


The better the test case describes required steps and data, the better result you may have.

Don't forget to provide relevant identifiers for the elements in your test case description and steps. This will help avoid creating fictional code.

To make your code more suitable, it's important to give relevant examples and structure to help organize it to your specific needs.

Please leave feedback and let us know what results you would like to achieve.

CI/CD integrations

We have added two more integrations: Gitlab and Jenkins.

CI/CD provides the ability to run automated tests in pipelines from Qase.

When creating a test run, the user should enter mandatory data to run tests.

After starting the automatic run, the sidebar will show the process's status (with a delay of up to a few minutes) along with a link to the pipeline. You can monitor the tests running in the pipeline.

If the user has set up a reporter, the results will be automatically sent to the created run when the pipeline is finished.

Gitlab documentation:

Jenkins documentation:

Improved text editor

We have improved the performance of the text editor. At the moment, you can upload any file, which will be displayed as a link:


Now it is possible to work with links correctly by hiding them behind a word or inserting a direct link into the text:

New Jira issue transition flow

Added a new feature to the Jira integration to allow users to configure status mapping for linked Jira issues in app settings.

When a defect is moved to another status, users are prompted to select a corresponding status for the linked Jira issue.

If a Jira issue is updated, the synchronization of status changes is based on the user's preconfigured status mapping.

Simplified Slack Integration Configuration

The installation and configuration flow has been simplified and streamlined:

  • The integration no longer requires additional permissions.
  • It can be added to any Slack channel that the configuring user has access to.

QQL-based test runs

You can use queries to make your test runs. In the run modal, select the option to add cases "From a saved query" and pick a query. You can also exclude some test cases from selection or use a new one by clicking the edit button.

QQL documentation:

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