Wolt optimized their testing for growth with Qase

Wolt's mission is to make cities better places for customers, merchants, and couriers alike. To enable this, Wolt develops a wide range of technologies, from local logistics to retail software and financial solutions.

The company was founded in 2014, and joined forces with DoorDash in 2022. DoorDash operates in 27 countries today, 23 of which are with the Wolt product and brand. Wolt has over 45,000 merchant partners, 90,000 courier partners, and 12 million registered customers.

We needed to rapidly scale our testing and enable non-QA engineers to collaborate. It was important to be able to painlessly convince and then onboard our teams to a test management platform. Qase is so intuitive that this was easily done. - Mikko Vaha, QA Lead


Wolt has a team of 400+ developers and 15 QA engineers. Prior to using Qase, testing was conducted with spreadsheets and text documents, with CI reporting for low level tests.

The QA engineers knew that to properly scale their testing, they would need to operationalize the process to achieve the most efficient and fast testing possible. To sideline core engineering assets on supporting upkeep for a bespoke testing and QA solution and was not an option. Finding a turnkey, feature-rich, well-documented, and supported solution would allow for more than just the QA engineers to conduct and oversee testing–which was a major bottleneck to be solved.

TL;DR: The unfortunately common method of managing software testing with bespoke spreadsheets and documents is not scalable or efficient


The search for a solution led Wolt to Qase: a TestOps tool for any size team to orchestrate creating and running manual and automated test cases on a single platform–with Jira integration.

The first significant benefit that Wolt noticed after partnering with Qase was an increase in speed of product development–thanks to removing the need to use clunky spreadsheets, docs, and separate channels to track, organize and orchestrate testing. Before Qase, bottlenecks occurred with only a few QA engineers running testing, which caused delays and QA risks. With Qase, those bottlenecks and risks were immediately eliminated.

Among the favorite features that Wolt’s teams reported were Qase’s clean and intuitive user interface, ability to create test plans, nightly & hourly runs and reports, test cycles related to test executions, status of executed tests and history of failed tests–every feature designed to make future testing faster and more accurate.

Wolt currently has 1,304 test cases, and they run an average of 5,579 tests per month, 14.5% of which are automated. They use Qase’s Jira integration for issue tracking, and have three teams using Qase on a regular basis, with several more reporting test results into Qase.

Qase’s test case tracking, test case prioritization, assigning of test cases, test plans/cycles which can be used as base to create new test run all help a lot in manual management, and make release planning assured to be of higher quality and faster. - Valentin Abramenkov, QA Engineer

The future

Wolt continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, and the future is looking brighter than ever since joining forces with DoorDash, the largest food delivery app in the US. Wolt foresees Qase utilization continuing to grow as they aim to get all engineering teams fully owning their own testing, now that they’ve found the solution they needed to accomplish this.

"Our engineers were really impressed with Qase and its capabilities and reporting features,” says Mikko Vaha. “We've prevented major headaches by using Qase, and their eagerness to continuously improve the application and quickly implement our suggestions and feedback has given us peace of mind, as well as all the tools we need to succeed."

When asked if he would advocate for others to partner with Qase, Mikko replied:

I would definitely recommend Qase to any organization that needs to be up and running with a beautifully designed TMS tool that your entire organization can use for manual, automated testing and reporting.

Schedule a demo today to learn more about how Qase can empower your team and improve the quality of your software through our intuitive, fully-loaded TestOps platform.

Disclosure: This content is for marketing purposes only. Wolt does not provide any assurances related to the functionality or service provided by Qase. Wolt does not answer any questions from investors.

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