Quality Engineering Meetups in Berlin

Learn about our upcoming Quality Engineering meetup and check out the highlights from our previous event.

Our first Quality Engineering meetup in Berlin was such a great time! At Qase we love building community and sharing knowledge — and the Berlin community provided us a great opportunity to bring people together.

Before I share highlights from our previous meetup, I'd like to invite you to our next Quality Engineering meetup in Berlin on May 23, 2024. Attendance (and beer! 🍻) is free.

In collaboration with Thoughtworks, Qase is presenting three talks:

Highlights from our first Quality Engineering Meetup in Berlin

Seventy attendees, three talks, many questions, and plenty of beer resulted in a fun atmosphere where we could engage in thought-provoking discussions.

Olga Trofimova talked about her challenging but rewarding journey of a first QA in a team where she had to deal with a code which wasn’t ever tested and wasn’t testable much.

"Writing quality code demands thinking about all your users: not only customers but also your internal users — QA, analysts and others” - Olga Trofimova

I discussed various mental sets and cognitive biases affecting our decision-making in quality assurance, and offered some advice on overcoming them.

“The problem with biases and mental sets is that they don’t go away if you simply know about them” - Vitaly Sharovatov

Pasha Finkelshteyn provided a great walkthrough of testing Kotlin code: from how-to-start to the advanced topics such as organizing tests structure and using mocks.

"At the beginning I thought the whole quality was about testing, gosh I was mistaken” - Pasha Finkelshteyn

We'll be continuing our meetups in Berlin and are currently exploring other cities in Europe for future meetups. Follow us on Linkedin to keep up to date about where we'll be hanging out. We'd love to meet you and perhaps share a drink 🍻

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