Introducing the revamped Qase newsletter: Qase Studies

TL;DR: Qase’s revamped newsletter is a curated collection of all things QA, designed to share knowledge and start conversations. We’ve opened up subscriptions to the entire community — not just Qase customers. We’d love to earn a spot in your inbox and learn what you’d like to see more (or less) of in each edition.

Qase has had a newsletter for awhile, so we won’t call it new and improved, but we’re excited to share how we’ve revamped our newsletter, Qase Studies.

Qase Studies is now a biweekly newsletter featuring a curated collection of all things QA, including recommended reads, thought-provoking articles, interesting conversations, industry news, and upcoming events.

Qase Studies is for the entire QA community

In the past, Qase Studies only went out to current Qase customers. We’re grateful for any opportunity to connect with our users, but we strive to connect with the wider QA community as well. And while we’d be delighted to have all of you as customers, you won’t find aggressive sales pitches in Qase Studies. Instead, you can enjoy a handpicked collection of content we think you’ll enjoy.

Skim-friendly sections

We’d love for you to read every word and click every link in Qase Studies, but we’re realists with inboxes packed full of newsletters, too. That’s why we’ve designed a skimmable format for Qase Studies.

Here’s what you can expect from each section:

From the Qase files

Your place to check in on what the Qase team is up to. Qase files will feature blog posts, Qase tutorials, conference sketch notes, videos, and other content produced by the Qase team.

What we’re reading

Here you’ll find links to articles, cool projects, and industry-related books that we’re into. Think of this like the “Staff Picks” shelf at a bookshop.

Our team spends the time between Qase Studies editions reading, discussing, and selecting reading materials to feature. We’re a diverse group of avid readers, so we encourage subscribers to reply to our newsletters with recommendations to add to our reading list.

Questions and conversations

If you skip right past search engines and head to social media or forums for information and discussion, this section is a great place to dive in.

Qase was built by testers, for testers — and we like chatting, coaching, and debating QA and dev topics as much as the rest of the community. We use this section of the newsletter to spotlight a few recent conversations that the team found intriguing.

As you explore these spaces, keep an eye out for our Developer Advocates Vitaly Sharovatov and Jenna Charlton! They often pop into conversations to provide coaching, answer questions, share their opinions, or just chat with fellow developers and testers.

Upcoming events

We attend, speak at, and sponsor a lot of conferences throughout the year, so we know how hard it is to keep track of which events are coming up. Each issue of Qase Studies highlights 3-5 upcoming software conferences or industry events.

Check this section for both virtual and in-person events happening all around the world. And if you’re looking to meet the Qase team or attend one of our talks, keep an eye on this section to find out where we’ll be next.

Subscribe to the Qase Studies newsletter

Ready to dive into the revamped Qase Studies newsletter? Subscribe now and don’t forget to reply to the newsletter to tell us what you think.

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