Quality Engineering Meetup #2 in Berlin — and a new city coming next month!

Highlights and full video replays of three talks from the recent Quality Engineering Meetup in Berlin.

We're committed to regularly bringing quality engineering talks and discussions to Berlin. Our first meetup in March was fantastic, and the second one was even better! I'm eagerly anticipating the next one.

We collaborated with Thoughtworks to host three talks at this Qase Quality Engineering meetup:

  • Quality is Communication — the Who-What-Why-Principle in IT Testing by Frank Hampe (agilophil)
  • Requirements Testing: helping QA, developers and managers with quality by Anastasiya Khabarova (Qase)
  • The Human Factor in QA: Testing Beyond Code by Vitaly Sharovatov (Qase)

Highlights from our second Quality Engineering Meetup in Berlin

1. Quality is Communication — the Who-What-Why-Principle in IT Testing

Frank Hampe gave a great talk on the importance of communication in quality assurance.

“We might know the importance of something but not do it right, for example communicating with the client”

I couldn't agree more. Sometimes, we are so pressed for time that we neglect the most crucial aspect: understanding and communicating with our clients. The primary goal for most companies is to help clients solve their problems. However, without communication, how can we understand their needs?

2. Requirements Testing: helping QA, developers, and managers with quality

Anastasia Khabarova presented her talk on requirements testing.

“The requirements testing process improves communication between project participants.”

I completely agree! When developers, managers, and QA come to a mutual understanding of what is to be done, everyone benefits. And this mutual understanding is achieved easily during communication at the “requirements testing” phase.

3. The Human Factor in QA: Testing Beyond Code

I gave a talk where I demonstrated that bugs don't only occur in code — processes can have bugs as well. I went on to discuss how to find and fix those bugs.

“At work, we all strive to help clients solve their problems. If some process activities interfere with our work, then these activities have bugs. We need to identify and fix them!”

Join us at a meetup!

We will continue hosting our meetups in Berlin. If you wish to be notified about these events, kindly subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Linkedin (or both 🙂)

We are also exploring other cities in Europe for future meetups. On June 4th, we're teaming up with Zalando to bring you another Quality Engineering meetup, this time in Helsinki!

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