Startup For single QA engineers and small companies. Free  
  • Up to 3 users in a team
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited test cases
  • Unlimited test runs
  • Unlimited defects
Business For teams and companies that need to manage software testing process. $10/mo per user
  • Up to 100 users in a team
  • Custom fields and settings
  • Detailed statistics and reports
  • Increased attachments storage
  • Test case review
  • API & Webhooks
Enterprise For corporations with specific requirements. Custom per user
  • Up to 200 users in a team
  • Single Sign-On
  • Custom domain
  • Dedicated installation
  • Free guest accounts
See how our plans compare
StartupS BusinessB EnterpriseE
Users Invite any amount of team members to your team. 33 100100 200200
Test cases and suites Create and manage your test model tree without any limitations.
Shared steps An easy way to avoid duplication of test case steps.
Integrations Connect Qase with your favourite bug-tracking tools and project management software like Jira, Redmine, Youtrack and others.
Role-based access control Create roles for your team members and assign access rights for them.
File storage Manage attachments for your test cases, test runs and requirements. 500mb/team 2Gb/user 10Gb/user
Datasets (coming soon) An easy way to create data blocks and use them in test runs.
Requirements management (coming soon) Complete requirements management tool for your project.
API REST API that grants access to all core features of the application.
Test case review Review pull requests to your test model and approve or decline changes.
Custom fields An easy way to customize your workflow.
Detailed statistics (coming soon) Actionable reports, metrics and real-time insights.
Webhooks A way to be notified about any changes in your test project.
Single Sign-On (coming soon) SSO feature allows administrators to integrate Qase with their preferred SSO identity provider.
Custom domain (coming soon) Attach Qase to your corporate domain and restrict access from the outside.
Backup management (coming soon) Configurable backup time & on-demand restoration.
Guest accounts (coming soon) Invite your teammates with read-only access rights for free. They won't be billed.
Frequently asked questions
Do you have standalone version?

Unfortunately no. is cloud test case management software and doesn`t provide a version, that you can setup on your own server. SaaS model allows us to keep a short release cycle and deliver new features to our customers with incredible speed. That`s why we don`t have any plans to develop server version in near future.

What are the file storage limits?

While we don’t limit the number of users you can invite or projects you can create, we do limit on disk space used to store attachments you upload. On the Free plan, we limit the total amount of disk space used by your team among all projects. You can increase these limits by upgrading to the business plan.

What happens when I hit usage limits?

If you reach your disk space limit, you’ll still be able to to see and manage your attachments. We’ll let you know about the overage, and give you a grace period to find a plan that fits your needs! After the grace period, if you don`t change your plan, you won`t be able to upload new attachments.