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Qase vs. PractiTest

Looking for a PractiTest alternative? You’re in the right place. Qase has helped thousands of customers improve the speed, efficiency and observability of their testing.
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checkMore efficient & scalable testing
checkModern, intuitive UI
checkMore robust reporting
checkIncreased visibility into testing

4.7 average out of 100+ reviews

Key differences

Qase was built by testers, for testers and is committed to continuous improvement. Not only do we regularly update our product, we also maintain a public roadmap that prioritizes customer feature requests. 

Everything from our intuitive interface to our analytics dashboards is designed with efficiency in mind. You’ll love our standout features such as Shared Steps, Test Review, bulk updates, and seamless integrations that allow you to bring all of your QA work into a single workspace.

Cost per user

$20/mo standard, $30/month business, custom for enterprise

$37-$49/mo Team plan with 5 user minimum, custom for corporate with 10 user minimum


REST API, 600 requests per min, option to raise

REST API, fewer than 30 requests per min

Shared Steps

Yes, create single Shared Steps or Shared Step groups that contain multiple steps

No, steps must be recreated manually for every test project

Read-only seats


5 per license on Team, 10 per license on corporate

Public roadmap

Yes, with prioritization for customer requests

No public roadmap

Test case review

Business plan & up enables test case review, with ability to add comments and request changes

PractiTest does not offer test review


Customizable drag-and-drop widgets with various data visualizations, RBAC links, data for every test step

Limited to 5 standard report templates in Excel or PDF

What customers say

At Qase we listen carefully to what the community and our customers say about their experience with PractiTest, so we can continue to make the best PractiTest alternative. You don’t have to take our word for it, we’ve collected helpful PractiTest reviews to highlight why Qase is a better choice.


Support, pricing, interface, functionality, and overall speed are key when evaluating any SaaS and Qase checks all the boxes.


Practitest is just unpleasant to use, impractical to maintain and has annoying bugs unresolved to this day.


After testing all the test cases, I can share a report that is viewable by anyone I share the link to. This is super helpful if someone needs a quick glance on how UAT is going or the current status of a story.


I don't like that reports on it cannot be resized or rearranged more freely, this I believe would be really beneficial and would help tell a better story on our QA efforts to the stakeholders.


One of the standout features of Qase.io is its intuitive interface, which makes it easy for even novice testers to get started. The platform provides a range of tools and templates that can be used to quickly create and organize test cases, manage test runs and track their results.


One thing I don't like about PractiTest is how steep the learning curve might be at the beginning compared to other programs. Inexperienced users may feel overwhelmed.


It is good to see that Qase is undergoing continuous development and that attention is paid to product wishes.

Functional changes haven't been made in years. We talked to the agents, but they weren't accommodating.


Having the possibility to share public reports is also a big plus since we no longer need to provide unnecessary Excel sheets, but rather we provide an easy-to-use report that shows everything that we need.


When creating dashboards/reports I have to export each project then customize for senior management due to the fact that I cannot create reports for all projects.


 By having an easy-to-use interface and offering the option to create shared steps, this ends up speeding up the test case creation process.

User Interface lags sometimes, Design looks old and can be improved.


Since we started using Qase, testing has become more fun and much faster. We are now doing more tests in 2 days than before in 2 weeks.


The learning curve is big…New users may need to invest time in training and onboarding to become proficient in using the tool, which can be a challenge for teams with limited resources.

Feature spotlight: custom dashboards

Qase's in-depth analytics and customizable drag-and-drop widgets make it easy to review whatever metrics you need — including data tied to your custom fields.


PractiTest reports are limited to 5 templates which have a rigid structure. While the reports can be viewed in-app, the UI mimics an Excel spreadsheet with no ability to adjust colors, organization, or formatting. With Qase, you can customize every dashboard by creating, adding, and rearranging as many widgets as you'd like.


PractiTest reports can only be shared externally by exporting to Excel or PDF, which results in static, difficult-to-interpret data. Qase dashboards, on the other hand, can be shared via one-click links and provide more detailed data when users hover over individual widgets. 

We’re sure you’ll find plenty to love about Qase and if there’s anything else you’d like to see,  submit it to our roadmap!

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