The easiest way to test your software

Test case management platform for QA and Dev teams.


Cases & Suites

Store and manage all your suits and test cases in one place. Define severity, priority and other params.

Available in beta

Test runs

Compose various test plans from existing test cases and run them with your team.

Available in beta

Team work

Assign test cases to your teammates and perform test runs together.

Available in beta

Defect control

Full defect control during its lifecycle (from creation till termination).

Coming soon

Smart reports

Automatically generated test reports after each run. Learn, change, perform!

Coming soon

Test documentation

Write and share test documentation for each project and attach it to your test plans.

Coming soon


Use REST API to integrate your automated tests and send test results to Qase.

Coming soon


Integrations with the most popular bug tracking systems and services like JIRA, Trello, GitHub and etc.

Coming soon

Organize your test cases

Modern and simple user interface allows you to manage your test cases for all types of products and projects.


–°omprehensive features of test cases allow you to define test case severity, priority; describe pre-conditions, post-conditions and steps to reproduce test case.


Test suits can help you to organize all your test cases into logical groups. You can setup description and milestone for each suit.

test suits and cases
team work

Team management

Invite your teammates to join and use all power of test case management tools together.


As a team owner, define roles and setup roles-based access controll for your projects.

Team Activities

Work together: run tests, write test documentation, compose test plans.

Run tests

Smart wizard helps you to go through the test plan and check all cases at once.


Divide and assign cases inside test plan among your team and run tests together.

Time tracking

Wizard will track time spent on running each case in your test and will help you to plan your future runs.

test run feature

We are going to launch non-public beta test soon.

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