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Qase vs. TestRail

Looking for a TestRail alternative? Qase offers more evolved features, a more robust API, dynamic Requirements Traceability Matrix, and highly customizable dashboards. Plus, we’ve migrated thousands of TestRail users along with their historical data.
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Key differences

Unlike TestRail, Qase offers truly dynamic traceability through our RTM, which you can integrate with Jira for a view of your requirements in real-time. Qase alerts you if your requirements have changed but your test cases haven’t been updated.

In TestRail, the RTM reporting requires a manual import of issues that have been exported from your requirements management tool, every time your requirements change.



Frequent scheduled and unscheduled downtime

Customer support

Live support 24/5 in all timezones for all tiers

No live support without paying extra, US hours

Response time

5 minutes or less M-F 24 hours (verified)

24 hours, US hours only

Read-only seats


None (any tool access must be a paid seat)

Public roadmap

Yes, with prioritization for customer requests

No, tickets for features & bugs open for 2+ years


REST API, 600 requests per min, option to raise

HTTP API, 180 requests per min


250GB standard, unlimited on business or enterprise

50GB or 500GB cap on enterprise


Customizable widgets, RBAC links (including free read-only access), data for every test step

Limited customization options

What customers say

At Qase we listen carefully to what the community and our customers say about their experience with TestRail, so we can continue to make the best TestRail alternative. You don’t have to take our word for it, we’ve collected helpful TestRail reviews to highlight why Qase is a better choice.

Support, pricing, interface, functionality, and overall speed are key when evaluating any SaaS and Qase checks all the boxes.

The tool can go down ANYTIME (literally)...it was down twice half the day last month, it keeps going down all too often.

The support is outstanding, whenever I have an issue I hear back VERY quickly. Sometimes within moments! It is nice to see that the team is attentive to their users' problems.

Their support team works ONLY US hours and, if you work from any other location, you'll have to wait until they start working without a possibility to use TestRail, and we're on the most expensive plan.

TestRail has become way too buggy, and working with it made my life as a QA harder…Qase is easy-to-use, intuitive, and functional.

Releases since March 2021 have continuously broken the app.


I'd say Qase is a great example of quality over price — you pay less than other services ask and get more out of it.

We had assumed everyone in the R&D department would be able to see this information so we could be more transparent in our testing. My company was not willing to pay for 100 TestRail accounts, so this was a bummer


It is hugely appreciated that the roadmap and feature requests are tracked and can be seen, where the users can vote on the most important topics to be added to Qase.

Highly requested features are waiting to be worked on from last few years, and no one from TestRail can confirm how long it will take to get these features available.


Having the possibility to share public reports is also a big plus since we no longer need to provide unnecessary excel sheets, but rather we provide easy-to-use report that shows everything that we need.

There are set of reports readily available you either take it or leave it. It’s hard to create custom charts and reports between different test runs and configurations.


Feature spotlight: custom dashboards

Qase's in-depth analytics and customizable drag-and-drop widgets make it easy to review whatever metrics you need — including data tied to your custom fields.


TestRail’s rigid reporting forces you to use preset structures with limited flexibility and jump between various report types to view all data. Qase’s dashboards can include as many widgets as you’d like.

Qase offers unlimited read-only seats, so you can share report links with any relevant stakeholders at no additional charge.


Easily migrate all data from TestRail to Qase

If you’re worried about migration from TestRail, Qase has you covered. Regardless of which TestRail version you’re using or how far back you want your data to go, we have a migration script and process that makes any migration possible —  if the data exists in TestRail, we can migrate it to Qase!

We’re sure you’ll find plenty to love about Qase and if there’s anything else you’d like to see,  submit it to our roadmap!

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