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Qase vs. Testmo

Looking for a Testmo alternative? Qase offers an intuitive interface that has helped thousands of customers improve the speed, efficiency, and observability of their testing.
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Key differences

Qase was built by testers, for testers and actively listens to and incorporates customer feedback. We strive to enable teams to save time while raising quality standards and gaining valuable testing insights. 

Qase offers more comprehensive customer support, a public roadmap that prioritizes customer feature requests, and more flexible pricing — including unlimited read-only seats.



“Maintenance time” not counted as downtime, can happen anytime

Customer support

Live support 24/5 in all timezones for all tiers

Email support only

Response time

5 minutes or less M-F 24 hours (verified)

1 business day

Read-only seats


None (any tool access must be a paid seat)

Cost per user

$20/month standard plan, $30/month for business, custom pricing for enterprises

Inflexible, based on units of 25 users, could pay as much for 26 users as 50


REST API, 600 requests per min, option to raise

REST API, TestMo “may throttle or limit API requests”

Public roadmap

Yes, with prioritization for customer requests

No public roadmap

Shared steps

Yes, create single Shared Steps or Shared Steps groups that contain multiple steps

No, steps must be recreated manually for every test project

Feature spotlight: Shared Steps

Save time and reduce manual effort with Shared Steps. If the same steps need to be followed for various test cases, you can create Shared Steps and use them in any test case. For example, if you often need to go through SSO authentication, you can create a shared step for SSO authentication and add it to any relevant test case.


Shared Steps not only save you the hassle of recreating steps, they also make it easier to update steps in bulk. If your Shared Steps include a login and password, for instance, you can easily update the login information once and the changes will be automatically applied everywhere that the Shared Step is used. If you need to take several actions in sequence, you can also create multiple steps in a group.


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