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Qase vs. XRay

Looking for an XRay test management alternative? Qase has helped thousands of XRay users scale their testing with more robust features and flexible user roles, with two-way Jira integration.
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Key differences

Qase was built from the ground up by testers, for testers. XRay test management’s association with Jira and Atlassian means XRay’s speed, performance, storage, user licenses, API limitations, and more are all dictated by Atlassian. 

Qase offers better control over testing with standout features including Shared Steps, Test Review, and customizable analytics dashboards that provide data for every test step. And with our bidirectional Jira integration, you can get all the benefits of Jira while still enjoying the flexibility of Qase.



Relies on Jira and 3rd party apps, can result in slow/inconsistent performance

Customer support

Live support 24/5 in all timezones for all tiers

Virtual (bot) agent, no live support without paying extra

Response time

5 minutes or less M-F 24 hours (verified)

No public commitment to a response time

Read-only seats


None, all users require Jira license to use

Test case review

Business plan & up enables test case review, with ability to add comments and request changes

XRay does not offer test case review


250GB standard, unlimited on business and enterprise

50GB standard, 3TB on enterprise


Customizable widgets, shareable RBAC links (free read-only access), data for every test step

XRay report dashboards lack detail and filtering options, not shareable, difficult to configure

Shared Steps

Yes, create single Shared Steps or Shared Step groups that contain multiple steps

No, steps must be recreated manually for every test project


REST API, 600 requests per min, option to raise

Rest API dictated by Atlassian, 500 requests per 5 mins

What customers say

At Qase we listen carefully to what the community and our customers say about their experience with the XRay test management system, so we can continue to make the best XRay alternative. You don’t have to take our word for it, we’ve collected helpful XRay reviews to highlight why Qase is a better choice.

The best helpdesk I've ever encountered. They answer all your questions, try to help and understand. They respond lightning-fast 24/7.

Support team is unhelpful with essentially "do it yourself" as their response to concerns with uninstalling, or giving out of date or incomplete articles. Help articles also non-existent for the most part.

I've greatly benefited from the reports feature of Qase. It gives an excellent visual representation of a test report. Test cases that failed, passed, and duration.

The weak point of Xray is the reporting part, the configuration is not easy and the reports do not cover all the KPIs

The UI in Qase and the ease of building test cases quickly is my favorite feature.

Qase is clean, and easy to navigate. Each team builds out their test cases, and we reuse those test cases within test plans and test runs each week

There are often many different screens to access a single ticket, and some of them have different options. It can be hard to find the right screen to edit a specific field - for instance, you can add test executions individually to test plans from the execution, but there is no option to do it from the test plan.


Since we started using Qase, testing has become more fun and much faster. We are now doing more tests in 2 days than before in 2 weeks.

Slow performance in general when running test executions. Each test case actually takes enough time to load that you lose your train of thought. Just so happened that there's an Xray outage as well. Not happy.


Feature spotlight: Test case review

Qase's test case review feature helps ensure that every test case is properly set up and has all the necessary information. Once test review is enabled as an optional or mandatory feature, the “Send to review” button will appear on the test case creation page.


Admins also have the ability to allow self merge (the author of the review request can merge it themself), set the number of approvals required, and leave comments on reviews to clearly communicate the revisions needed.


Test review is an invaluable feature for QA managers who work with multiple team members across projects and timezones. Review requests are easily accessible in the side navigation and reviews are both searchable and filterable.


We’re sure you’ll find plenty to love about Qase and if there’s anything else you’d like to see,  submit it to our roadmap!

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