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Test case management

Organize test cases

Organize your test cases into logical groups called Test Suites. Define the test case properties, such as severity and priority. Describe the test case`s pre-conditions, post-conditions, and steps to reproduce.

test suites and test cases
test runs

Test plans and runs

Execute test runs

Our Smart Wizard guides you through creating test plans. Once run, see success rate, an error log, run time for each case, and more. Share test reports in just a few clicks.

Team management

Software testing for teams

Invite your teammates to collaborate on quality assurance testing together: compose test plans, run tests, write test documentation and achieve maximum quality insight and efficiency. Role-based access control allows you to set up permissions for different types of users.

test suites and cases

Qase helped us to consciously approach the regression scope of our app, and as a result test planning became much more accurate.

qase testimonial

Kirill M.

Head of QA

qase testimonial

Qase was easy to set up, and we love that it integrates with Slack and GitLab, [and being able to see] usage by the team in the dashboard widgets and logs. The query language and API are useful.

qase testimonial

Craig A.

Director of QA

qase testimonial

The advantages of Qase are the clear user interface, integrations, and giving reviews on test cases. Testing has become more fun and much faster. We're now doing more tests in 2 days than before in 2 weeks.

qase testimonial

Peter K.

qase testimonial

Teams that use Qase report
50% less time spent on managing test cases
and up to 30% less time spent on test executions.


Qase integrates with tools you use

We support 1-click integrations with all major issues trackers. Create tasks and submit reports directly from your workspace in Qase.

  • Jira integration
  • Redmine integration
  • YouTrack integration
  • Slack integration
  • integration
  • Gitlab integration
  • Github integration
  • Trello integration
  • Clickup integration
  • Azure devops integration

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